Liwa Petroleum Marketing Est. is offering so many services to valued and potential customers. Detail of the services is as below :
Liwa Petroleum is a Ship owner, Port facilities, Ship Management, Ship Broker and as well as we have the capability to attend, files requirements and Marine Inspection in the Middle East Region and Worldwide for this purpose trading agents have been established in Pakistan (covering Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka) South Africa (covering sub-Sahara countries), Italy (covering Southern Europe and North Africa) and Uzbekistan (covering Central Asian Republics).
Break Bulk
As UAE is continuously growing rapidly and decision makers are taking bold steps for the future development of the country. Many new projects are in the pipeline so in this situation Liwa is offering transportation of break bulk cargos like heavy equipments, rocks and aggregates.
We have two AHTS tugs Mahra I1 and Mahra VI having engine power respectively 2X2400HP, total 4800HP and 3600HP double drum each (anchor handling tugs)
Liwa is mainly focusing on delivering Chartering services to valued and potential customers.
There are two types of warehouses one is fully covered and other one is covered but open sided stores.
  1. Total area of fully covered six stores is 11,700 sq mtrs (30 x 65m each) and these stores can be used by marine services companies, oil companies, equipment oil trading companies, marine equipment companies and any other trading companies.
  2. Total area of the covered but open sided stores is 6,250 sq mtrs ( 50 x 25m each) and these stores can be used for manufacturing purposes.

Also we have 35,000sq meter fully open storage area and this can be used for any kind of storage and manufacturing area.

We have a well equipment workshop which is completely covered and the total area is 2800 sq mtrs having dimension (30 x 40m). It also has offices and spare storage.This workshop can be used for: Fabrication. Electrical. Mechanical. Painting& Plasting.
Office Space
We have enough office space at our jetty for the customers which are listed below:
  1. 192 sq meter
  2. 192 sq meter
  3. 192 sq meter
  4. 32 sq meter
  5. 20 sq meter

Total office space available is 928 sq meter.

Oil Tanks
There are three types of oil tanks available for the storage purposes mentioned below with their storage capacities:
  1. Fuel oil tank (2500 cbm)
  2. Diesel oil tank (2500 cbm)
  3. Bitumen tank (2500 cbm)

Every tank has pipelines, pumps and valves (2 lines) each of 6” pipes @ 120 ton per hour each to the jetty side where ship can load & discharge and every tank has also 2 lines, valves, and pumps of 4” each for discharge / load of road tankers and at 30 ton per hour each pipe line. Including Road Tankers for transporting and supplying fuel in all over UAE.
In shortly Liwa Petroleum is presenting a one – stop integrated logistics solution to enhance performance to meet expectations of our valued customers more effectively.

The company will soon add to its fleet of oil products tankers and Bitumen tankers. The total tonnage will be about 80,000 ton. All will carry part of the oil products and Bitumen that is traded by the company. The company will also offer tankers in the chartering market.
The company is ambitious to become one of the main players in the oil products sea transportation industry.
Introduction of Liwa Petroleum II :

The seasides are 165 mtrs Jetty by 400 mtrs, open land under construction.
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